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All year workshops of EXCPS “Ideas4art”

Box on table – vintage

Vintage looking box was made with different materials:

2 Step Crackle medium, Glitter paste – Fine, Structure paste, Stencils optional, Gold varnish, Acrylic paints, Gesso, Wood box, Brushes, Sand paper, Wood varnish

Make your own Vintage Tool Box with simple tools and materials – in a very easy way.

Sign up for a workshop and enjoy it! I will prepare everything for you!

Mixed Media Canvas – Circles

“… The circle will symbolize being closed in and boundaries. It represents cycles. The most well known example of the circle as a symbol is probably the wedding ring. Ancient cultures connected the ring finger with the heart. The wedding ring on the ring finger represents fidelity in the heart. The heart would be closed off in the circle. The ring will represent infinite love between the couple, love that does not end …”