German Tutoring with Andrea

Andrea Todt

German Tutoring Information Sheet

Tutor’s Responsibilities 

The tutor will prepare lessons for tutoring sessions designed to improve the skills of the student in areas agreed upon by student/client and tutor.

The tutor agrees to provide lessons to student according to the tutoring schedule. The tutor agrees to be on time for each lesson. The tutor will wait for the student at least 20 minutes in the event that student is late.


Student’s Responsibilities

The student agrees to be on time for each lesson. The student will wait for the tutor at least 20 minutes in the event that the tutor is late.
The student will make every attempt to complete any homework agreed upon by the student and the tutor.

Tutoring Schedule

Student and tutor, both agree to tutoring sessions as outlined in the registration. The schedule may be modified when needed and as agreed by student and tutor.

Choose your session

Free 30 minutes “Know your tutor session (meet and greet)”

45 minutes session = $45

60 minutes session = $55

90 minutes session = $70

Payment Conditions

  • All payments are required upfront on a monthly basis
  • During the first month (4 sessions), when cancellation is received in written form at any time a refund is given for sessions not taken (with a deduction of $20 administration charge).
  • Payment by Interac e-transfer (Email) or by Visa/Master Card

Travel expenses for lessons held at:

  • My home in Millrise Calgary SW – no extra fee
  • Via FaceTime (Online) – no extra fee
  • Meeting at Starbucks in equal distance of both homes – no extra fee
  • Meeting at the clients home $20/per session

Cancellation and Termination Policy

After the first month: cancellation policy of 30 days ahead with a written notification (Email).

If student needs to cancel a scheduled lesson, the student agrees to contact the tutor at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson. The student may contact the tutor by email or by telephone, preferably both. The student and the tutor agree to reschedule the canceled lesson as soon as possible at the tutor’s availability.

The student forfeits the deposit paid for a scheduled lesson if the student fails to give at least 24 hours notice. The student also forfeits the deposit if he or she is later than 20 minutes to a scheduled lesson without notifying the tutor.