Studio Workshop

“Everyone can become a better artist.  Some people think that art is for the gifted and talented. I didn’t wake up Christmas morning and open up a gift that made me an artist. My drawings as a little kid were just like eveyone’s, scribbles. But what I did have is a desire to learn art. So strong was my desire that I chose to invest in becoming an artist with thousands of hours and dollars over time. That’s a weird gift if you ask me (please don’t give me gifts that requires thousands of my hours and dollars okay). Those that see art as a gift are actually seeing desire, passion, and mastery.  I had the desire to have individual instruction all through my life, but I just did not have that resource available to me.” Marielle

Call Andrea at 587 777 5505 to get access to your own personal art teacher.

Paintings with Andrea’s suggested limited palette:

Mars black and Titanium white

Cadmium Yellow Med.

Yellow Lemon

Cadmium Red Lt.

Alizarin Permanent

Ultramarine Blue

Phthalo Blue